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This place is gorgeous.


There were 6 girls, they schedule us from 1pm - 5:00. It was the best four hours...ever.


We started in the hot tub for an hour. Then each of us had our individual services. I had a pedicure (thought it was strange that it didn't include a massage or a bath for my feet) and a 30 minute massage. Mark, the owner, was my masseuse. Un-freakin-believable. We all left with huge smiles on our face...and so so relaxed.


Since we were there so long, we ordered food next door and the receptionist picked it up for us. Great touch!


Here comes the best part. At the end of the day, when it was time to pay, five of us split the cost of the bride-to-be's services. Somehow I paid an extra $60. I didn't think anything of it until Mark called me to tell me he owed me money. I couldn't believe that someone was that honest and willing to give me my money! AND he dropped it off at our hotel on his way home from the spa.


Great place. Relaxing. Gorgeous. Do not miss it!


Nicole S.  Sneads Ferry, NC     9/28/2011


A splendid surprise


I knew I wanted to get a facial on our vacation. (I mean who doesn't want to be pampered on their one year anniversary vacation?) The lovely woman at the front desk at the Porches, where we were staying.. recommended going to InTouch Day Spa. Thankfully it was a beautiful day... the weather was beautiful.. the leaves in the midst of their fall change.. so when I finally got to InTouch (I got a little turned around),  I was sooooooo pleasantly surprised.. The beautiful deck overlooking the River, taking in the sights.. the sounds of such serenity! It instantly put me into a relaxed state! I was welcomed with yet another beautiful smile at the front desk.. and proceeded to get a relaxing and JUST what I needed facial! OH my... The Spas energy is high.. and the natural finishes (the wood ceiling.. and all the natural light) is a great way to start your visit to the spa!


If I worked at this Spa.. I would want to get there early to sit on the deck... listen to the water falling and meditate to the sunrise. It was THAT awesome.


Kerilyn R.   Springfield, VA  9/29/2010


Simply Superb


I have been to in Touch Day Spa for facials, massages, and most recently my favorite haircut ever!! I love this place and the people who work there really seem to love it, too. I have never had a bad service and I look forward to trying the other things they offer like pedicures and mud wraps.

PROS: wonderful setting, friendly staff


Zoe D.  July 25, 2006


InTouch is a great place.


My wife and I spent the entire day at the spa for our 1 year anniversary. We sat in the hot tub, got a couples massage, facials, my wife got her hair and nails done...


 A great place, great people, just make you feel so comfortable! Thanks to all who helped make this day so special. We will be back soon.


Jennifer & Jason    April 2012


InTouch Massage & Day Spa

is inviting and relaxing


I received a wonderful hot stone massage, mud wrap and facial at the spa. I was given the mud wrap and hot stone deep tissue massage. She was wonderful and very considerate and listened to what I said I needed work on. I felt refreshed and energized when I was done. I would highly recommend Intouch Day Spa.


Sam F.  December 18, 2009


Excellent small spa


This place is quaint, unassuming, and the staff are very friendly. I was very relaxed and enjoyed every service. I would recommend In Touch - especially if you are looking for a laid back experience.


Mary C.  August 26, 2008




The best of the best of the best! Don't look elsewhere as you get it all here!


The staff are fabulous, the setting is gorgeous and they go out of their way to make you feel comfortable! I particularly love to use Chelsea, as she is laid back, knowledgeable, warm in personality, and will take prompts as to what is "hurting" the most, yet giving a total body experience. You will not regret time spent here!


Maryellen F.   December 22, 2010


In short, get an appointment


I wasn't sure what to expect going through the doors of Intouch- the outside is nothing that screams lavish getaway nor relaxation. It's in a plain building 5 feet from a curve in the road, without windows to draw you in. But man, once you enter the doors, you are in for a treat.


I've gone to Intouch multiple times in the last year for hair cuts, hair colorings, and massages. In every experience, the staff tries to make sure that the customer knows they have the power of veto and sits down with the customer before hand to make sure that they're on the same page. In particular, for haircuts, I was in love from the get-go. Most haircuts I had gotten before Intouch, the hairdresser would scarcely listen to my pleas, all the while rushing around and trying to get started. It could not be more different at Intouch. The first time, my hairdresser Jen sat me down, combed out my hair, and asked me questions about my preferences of styling, what my morning routine was, what I was looking for, how I usually got my hair cut. When she started, I could just relax- I knew she would take care of me. I've always been happy leaving Intouch.


For massages, they apply the same ideas. They ask for your opinions, make sure you're comfortable, and don't make you fret about any time limit. It's for relaxation, it's not simply a business transaction. This is helped along by the gorgeous interior, which looks out onto the river and makes you feel like you're in the woods of VT rather than on a main route road in a college town.


In short, get an appointment, return soon, and then go again. You'll always be satisfied.


Sally W.    Williamstown, MA   4/12/2012

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