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We offer nourishing facial treatments provided by licensed and skilled estheticians. After a thorough examination and analysis, we deeply cleanse and condition your skin with aromatic products specifically selected for your skin type. This is followed by a face and upper body massage.


InTouch facials incorporate European techniques, steam, masks, and personalized treatments to enhance both the benefit of your treatment and your enjoyment of the experience.

Signature Facial--Our popular treatment is designed to encourage your skin to look and feel its absolute best.  A deep pore cleansing facial to improve circulation and tone the overall appearance of the skin.  For all skin types.  50-60 minutes.


Anti-Aging Facial**--This extraordinary facial consists of French seaweed, a nourishing blend of marine elements, proteins, amino acids, and vitamins designed to remineralize the skin while protecting it with antioxidants.  This facial is the perfect choice for neglected, sun-damaged, or dehydrated skin.  50-60 minutes.


Vitamin C Facial**-- A super hydrating and soothing facial.  Vitamin C gives a radiant glow to the skin.  Designed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  For all skin types.  50-60 minutes.


Purifying Marine Facial**-- A calming blend of marine elements blended together to stimulate cellular renewal, purify, hydrate, and soothe the skin.  For all skin types, especially for sensitive skin.  50-60 minutes.


Acne Facial-- The Moor Mud is comprised of herbs and medicinal plants.  With its antibiotic properties and detoxifying effects, the Moor Mud is a very effective treatment for oily and acneic skin conditions.  This facial concentrates on extractions.  50-60 minutes.


Mango Enzyme--a delicious anti-aging exfoliating facial treatment that will leave your skin feeling soft, hydrated, and youthful.  Helps increase cell turnover, lift and tone aging skin.  50-60 minutes.


Proteolytic Enzyme Facial--Proteolytic enzymes combined with colloidal oats and chamomile gently exfoliates the skin.  Reveals smooth, fresh skin that glows health and vitality.  Use of this mask eases extractions.  Especially suited for oily, acneic or dry skin.  50-60 minutes.


Manual Dermabrasion--Has the ability to gently yet effectively smooth the epidermis while stimulating blood and lymph flow to nourish and oxygenate at a cellular level.  Sun protection is required after treatment.  Best results are achieved with a series of 6 treatments spaced one week apart, with maintenance every 2 months.  30 minutes.


Back Facial--Relax and enjoy this soothing, therapeutic treatment which helps back and shoulder acne.  50-60 minutes.


**Not for people allergic to shellfish or iodine!

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